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What we believe in

A world wherein Artificial Intelligence assists companies,  organisations and people to overcome the

challenges of the current era, by the implementation of AI systems wherein the values of all stakeholders are considered.

As AI matures, market actors and regulatory bodies will shape the future developments.

Initiatives like the General Data Protection Regulation and the Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI 

and the development of all kinds of standards and norms show that this is an ongoing process.

What we do

We maximize the value of your AI concept or system by providing broad spectrum AI audits

including strategic, ethical, legal and technical considerations.

We provide quick scans like AI risk categorization as well as full-blown assistance in AI regulatory

approval applications.

We also provide advice on how to correctly integrate ethical, legal and social aspects into business processes and  AI systems.

Our services are technology and vendor agnostic, allowing integration within the technology of your choice.


Helping you with

AI risks categorization

AI regulatory approval support

AI Ethical support

Integration of AI systems