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Responsible AI Workshop

The workshop aims to help an organization reach the realization of its AI ambitions. It will explain the potential of AI and its pitfalls and how to navigate them. It does not aim to leave the participant with only knowledge of unwise AI implementations, rather it shows how to marry the potential of AI with the optimal frameworks, guiding you through the challenges wise AI implementations pose, to reaching an implementation at the end.

At the end of the session the office aims to have the participants understand:

● The potential of artificial intelligence in general and for their function in the organization specifically.

● Where to look for the involved risks.

● What a potential path forward through those risks can be.



Workshops can be organized with specific content but will be shaped starting from this generic framework:

1. What is AI?

2. What can you do with AI?

3. What are the pitfalls we must be aware of? 

4. How can we mitigate those pitfalls? 

5. What are the legal frameworks we must consider? 

6.How to steer through those legal frameworks? 

7. Where can we see AI in your organisation? 

8. How do you start?



• 2 hours presentation followed by an interactive panel discussion.



• Online and in real life possible.



• 5 to 50 people. 

• No specific artificial intelligence, programming, mathematics, ethics or law knowledge required.



• 2000 – 2500 EUR depending on exact details like location.

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