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Care for Advice?

EURAIO can provide advice or training on:

Assessments & Audits

Algorithmic Impact Assessments

How to pro-actively mitigate risks associated with development and deployment of your AI systems

AI Assessment Tools

How to use publicly available tools or develop your own tools, and
train your collaborators in using them

Algorithmic Audits

How to analyse your complete AI system after implementation and evaluate impact on affected stakeholders

Ethical Aspects

Ethical Reviews

How to make sure that your ethical code protects all stakeholders

Ethical Codes

How to develop principles and practices guiding your AI system

Codes of Conduct

How to develop your internal code or adhere to externally defined codes

Legal Aspects

Regulatory Compliance

How to ensure your AI system is compliant with regional, national and international laws and regulations

Governance Tools

How to set up your own structured set of policies, procedures, protocols in a trustworthy framework

Standards and Norms

How to implement the different systems developed by international organisations such as IEEE, ISO, CENELEC, ...